About Us

About Us

One of the companies of the Chiang’s family, Bifum Brasil Alimentos was founded in Suzano – SP, where maintains its operations until today. The industry created by Kun Ho Chiang and his son Chang Yuan Chiang Download Cad 2018. Originally aimed at meeting taiwanese community Demand of São Paulo that consume rice noodles, popularly known as Bifum. At the beginning of activities, the founder had the help of his wife, Kuel Ing Chiang Lu, that whit their own hands and in the humble dwelling of the couple, made the very thin and light dough.Bifum in Chinese (Taiwan) means “dry rice noodles” 줌비니 수학논리여행 다운로드.

In 2018 the company celebrates 55 years of the launch of Oriental Noodles in Brazil and a leadership in the segment, accounting more than 95% of sales in the country 맨온파이어 자막 다운로드.

For consumers, Bifum is synonymous of rice noodles. Beyond his flagship, Oriental Bifum Noodles, the industry also has a products mix, Yakisoba Bifum and Instant Bifum Noodles 아메리칸 갱스터 다운로드.

Commitment to not use confined chicken eggs.

Bifum Brasil Alimentos Ltda announces the commitment that, until 2025 will complete the transition so that 100% of the eggs used in our supply chain, come from free chickens from cages 감정노동 다운로드.