Instant Meat 67g

Size: 67g

Method of preparation


• Boil 250 ml of water
• Add the noodle and cook for 2 minutes
• Remove from the stove and mix seasoning (serve still hot)

Nutritional information

Quantity for portion of 67g (1 package)
Quantity for portion% VD (*)
Energy value219kcal=920kJ11
Carbohydrates 49g16
Total fats0,7g1
Saturated fats0,42
Dietary fibre0,73
Sodium 1214mg51
(*) % Daily reference values based on a 2.000Kcal or 8.400KJ. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs. (**) VD not established.

Product Information

Product description Instant noodle flavor beef - Bifum 67g
Bar code (EAN 13)7898097960207
Height (mm) (sales packaging) 205 mm
Widht (mm) (sales packaging)130 mm
Depth (mm) (sales packaging)25 mm
Label content (grams/liter/ml/kg)60 grams + 7g de seasoning
Shelf life 365 days
Tax classification (NBM/SH)1902.30.00
IngredientPasta: rice and water Seasoning: salt, corn cream, corn starch, (Bacillus thuringiensis/ Streptomyces/ Viridochromogenes/ Agrobacterium tumefaciens/ Zea Mays), sugar, maltodextrin, spinach, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, hydrogenated vegetable fat, carrot, oregano, cabbage, parsley, turmeric, celery, nutmeg, monosodium glutamate flavor enhancer natural of meat and tomato. GLUTEN FREE. ALLERGIC: CONTAINS CELERY AND SOYBEAN DERIVATIVES

Storage Information

Type of transport packing Corrugated cardboard box
Quantity (packing transportation)30 units per box
Bar code DUN 14 (packing transportation)17898097960204
Net weight (packing transportation)2,01kg
Gross weight (packing transportation)2,4kg
Lenght (mm) (packing transportation)400 mm
Widht (mm) (packing transportation)225 mm
Height (mm) (packing transportation)215 mm
Pallet (PBR) (number of boxes per layer)10 boxes
Pallet (PBR) (number of layers)5 layers
Total cartons per pallet 50 boxes


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