Bifum to caiçara


200g Original Bifum
200g gray shrimp, shelled and marinated with salt, juice of 1 lemon and black pepper to taste
200g mussel shelled
100g carrot cut into strips, pre-cooked
1 green pepper cut into strips
2 tomatoes cut into strips, without seed
1 banana da terra em cubos
200ml light coconut milk
50ml of olive oil
3 chopped garlic
To taste: salt and coriander

Original Bifum 200g

method of preparation

1 Hydrate the Original Bifum according to the orientation of the back of the package. Set aside.

In a frying pan place the olive oil, the garlic, the the mussels, the shrimp let braise. Then add coconut milk, tomato, carrto, and bell pepper to cook until it is tchick.

In the frying pan add the banana and leave slightly on fire. When ready, place on top of the Bifum noodles and top with coriander.

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